descriptionOpenIndiana Common Build Environment
last changeThu, 02 Jun 2011 13:16:55 +0200
2011-06-02 Guido Berhoerster fixed sed expression to not use a slash as a delimitier, this was inadvertently introducedy by the last changeset default tip
2011-05-31 Guido Berhoerster added four pkgbuild patches originating from verious sources:
2011-05-30 Guido Berhoerster extended default build environment for sfe-unsupported to include a complete GNU environment
2011-05-26 Guido Berhoerster monkey-patch the correct perl dependency into pkgbuild.spec
2011-04-16 Guido Berhoerster add sparc support
2011-04-16 Guido Berhoerster add compatibility/packages/SUNWxwplt as a JDS dependency
2011-02-06 Guido Berhoerster install data/docbook since is called (noted by Andrew Chace)
2011-01-26 Guido Berhoerster initial revision
2011-06-02 2c25c60717b0 default