2011-09-20 Alasdair Lumsden Adding tag oi_151a_release oi_151a
2011-08-15 Alasdair Lumsden Creating branch oi_151a oi_151a oi_151a_release
2011-04-21 Andrzej Szeszo Add pkg:/locale/sr (new illumos package) to pkg:/system/locale/support/serbian dependencies
2011-04-21 Andrzej Szeszo Add Khmer Language Support cluster package
2011-04-17 Andrzej Szeszo Added tag oi148b for changeset 459f0c0bc498
2011-04-17 Andrzej Szeszo Removed tag oi148b oi148b
2011-04-17 Andrzej Szeszo Added tag oi148b for changeset 7727f8d12074
2011-04-14 Andrzej Szeszo Make incorporation package to depend on the packages from the current build only
2011-03-29 Andrzej Szeszo Change the build number when the packages have been renamed/obsoleted from 0.151 to 0.148
2011-03-26 Andrzej Szeszo Change the build number when the packages have been renamed/obsoleted from to 0.148
2011-03-25 Andrzej Szeszo Rework "link" actions in the manifest to not to conflict with the illumos package
2011-03-25 Andrzej Szeszo Change the build number to 148
2011-03-24 Andrzej Szeszo Fix broken URL.
2011-02-17 Andrzej Szeszo removing unused subdirectory
2011-02-17 Andrzej Szeszo README with build instructions
2011-02-17 Andrzej Szeszo Executable bit for g11n-downloads.sh
2011-02-17 Andrzej Szeszo Build number change slipped in by mistake.
2011-02-17 Andrzej Szeszo Trimmed down the download script
2011-02-17 Andrzej Szeszo Sync with upstream repo.
2011-02-07 hnhn 6987213 A duplicated and missing entry in mp.conf for locales en_US.UTF-8 and ja_JP.UTF-8
2011-02-17 Andrzej Szeszo Updated the version number of when non-illumos locale packages were obsoleted/renamed.
2011-02-04 Andrzej Szeszo removed pkg:/locale/zh_tw-extra from pkg:/system/locale/support/chinese-tw dependencies as it doesn't exist
2011-02-04 Andrzej Szeszo more packaging changes
2011-02-04 Andrzej Szeszo Updated the way metapackages get created
2011-02-04 Andrzej Szeszo do not add SUNW* and dummy/* packages to the consolidation metapackage
2011-02-04 Andrzej Szeszo few packaging changes
2011-02-03 Andrzej Szeszo few manifest changes
2011-02-03 Andrzej Szeszo download script changes
2011-02-01 Andrzej Szeszo More cluster manifest changes. Some of the system/locale/support-* packages are not going to work due to missing locale support from illumos.
2011-02-01 Colin Ellis Locale Updates
2011-02-01 Colin Ellis Locale updates
2011-02-01 Colin Ellis Locale updates for manifests_cluster
2011-02-01 Colin Ellis Locale changes
2011-02-01 Andrzej Szeszo Even more obsolations and renames
2011-02-01 Andrzej Szeszo More renames and obsoletions
2011-02-01 Colin Ellis Locale Commits
2011-02-01 Colin Ellis Locale updates
2011-02-01 Andrzej Szeszo Rename pkg:/system/locale/ru_ru to pkg:/locale/ru
2011-02-01 Andrzej Szeszo Few more obsoletions
2011-02-01 Andrzej Szeszo Obsolete Serbian locale packages
2011-02-01 Andrzej Szeszo Auto renamed a bunch of pkg:/system/locale/* packages
2011-02-01 Andrzej Szeszo forgot to edit the template ;)
2011-02-01 Andrzej Szeszo Updated system-locale-ja.mf file
2011-02-01 colin Locale updates
2011-02-01 Andrzej Szeszo g11n-download.sh script for the files with missing sources
2011-02-01 Andrzej Szeszo 339 g11n build path for xkbcomp needs to be adjusted
2011-02-01 Andrzej Szeszo Source URL fixes
2011-02-01 Andrzej Szeszo Sun Studio path changed from /opt/SUNWspro to /opt/sunstudio12.1
2011-02-01 Andrzej Szeszo tr used incorrectly
2011-02-01 Andrzej Szeszo Locale definitions not relevant anymore as illumos is providing its own now.
2011-01-28 jenda mergearch.sh: allows to set more different repo dirs (needed for jffmake)
2011-01-25 hnhn 6986019 Missing iconv 64bit modules
2011-01-13 hnhn 6987218 Wrong links to Indic(Lohit) fonts in mp.conf
2011-01-13 hnhn 6987208 Two locales (bs_BA.UTF-8, zh_HK.UTF-8) do not have entry for mp in /usr/lib/lp/locale
2011-01-13 hnhn 6999931 Change the copyright for SUNWmp package
2011-01-12 asano merge heads
2010-12-29 asano 7009080 [Wnn] Wnn cannot be started after installing wnn pkg from l10n-extra repo.
2011-01-05 jenda pkg_merge/mergearch.sh: add REPOTOP and REPOTMP parameters
2011-01-05 jenda pkg_merge/mergearch.sh: add SVR4DIR3 (used by jffmake)
2011-01-05 jenda pkg_import/Makefile: set PKGMACH=$(MACH) as in pkg/Makefile