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 * COMPONENT_TEST_ARGS is little used.
 * COMPONENT_TEST_ENV is mainly used for altering PATH and friends.
+If your component needs to do some kind of cleanup after a "gmake test" run,
+such as kill processes after doing a "gmake test" run, then this can be done
+If you have created master test results file(s) for your component in the
+COMPONENT_TEST_RESULTS_DIR directory, then in order to successfully compare
+your test results against that master results file, you might need to
+normalize some of the test output lines. This is done via a set of regular
+expressions that are applied to the test results. There are some global
+default ones in the COMPONENT_TEST_TRANSFORMS definition in,
+but your component Makefile might have to += some more for specific transforms
+that need to be applied to the test output for just this component.
 * COMPONENT_POST_UNPACK_ACTION is for making minor alterations to the unpacked
   source directory before any patching has taken place.  It should almost never
   be used.