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     The resolution step is also set up to use the -e flag to pkgdepend resolve,
     which limits the set of packages it looks at to resolve the dependencies it
     generated in the previous step.  This makes the resolution step a great deal
-    faster, but requires that you keep a static list of these packages checked
-    into the workspace, and update it when packages are added to it.  Having
-    extra packages in there is safe.
-    In order to create this list, build and publish your component (or at least
-    through the resolution stage) without a file "resolve.deps" in the component
-    directory, and run "gmake sample-resolve.deps".  If the file is empty (that
-    is, no computed dependencies were found), a warning will be emitted and the
-    file will be removed, as pkgdepend currently errors out in that case.  If a
-    component has no dependencies that pkgdepend can discover and resolve, you
-    can set EXTDEPFILES = $(NULLDEPFILE) in your component Makefile to get the
-    performance benefits without providing a placeholder resolve.deps yourself.
-    To test, run "gmake clean" and re-publish.
-    Don't forget to "hg add resolve.deps"!
-    Note that there is a possibility the list of dependencies will be different
-    on different architectures, so you should run this on both sparc and x86,
-    and combine the two lists.  Please keep the files sorted.
+    faster, but requires that you include a static list of these packages in
+    your component Makefile REQUIRED_PACKAGES macro.  You can automatically
+    add REQURIED_PACKAGES settings for the packages used in dependency
+    resolution by running "gmake REQUIRED_PACKAGES".  Once you have done so,
+    you should manually verify the Makefile additions.
 Manifest Validation
     The resolved manifest(s) and prototype install tree are passed through