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 Setting up a master test file for a Userland component.
-When setting up a test-and-compare run for a new component,
-you should be able to do something like the following.
+When setting up a test-and-compare run for a new component, you will need to
+have master test file(s) that are identical for both the x86 and SPARC
+platforms. It is suggested that they should initially be created by doing
+something like the following in your x86 Userland workspace, then copied to
+the same locations in your SPARC workspace and retested there.
 When you run "gmake test", a check is made to see if there is a master
 file of test results. If there is, then a test-then-compare run is performed.
@@ -64,7 +67,7 @@
 2.6:   components/python/<component-name>/test/results-2.6-32.master
 2.6:   components/python/<component-name>/test/results-2.6-64.master
 2.7:   components/python/<component-name>/test/results-2.7-32.master
-2.7:   components/python/<component-name>/test/results-3.4-64.master
+2.7:   components/python/<component-name>/test/results-2.7-64.master
 3.4:   components/python/<component-name>/test/results-3.4-64.master
 depending upon which versions of Python this component supports.