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     Once manifest validation has occurred, the package(s) is/are finally
     published to the workspace package repository.
+    Many facets are automatically set by default via transforms 
+    in $(WS_TOPS)/transforms, such as facet.doc.*, facet.devel, etc.
+    optional.test
+    In most cases, we do not include files in the package manifest
+    if they are used exclusively for testing that component.
+    If we do include component test files, they should be tagged
+    with the facet optional.test=true.  There is no default transform
+    for such files, since they do not follow a naming pattern.
+    See the components python/python-3{4,5}, mailman, or 
+    python/astroid for examples.
     Renames in IPS are tricky.  We will use a case study to illustrate how