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+# We have various group dependencies between Python modules to express the
+# intent "if installing A, also install B if possible".  This is for cases
+# where module A uses module B if it is available.  But in some cases, B
+# is not Python 3 ready even though A is.  These group dependencies would
+# prevent A-34 from being installed because B-34 does not exist.  So drop
+# such group dependencies.
+<transform depend fmri=library/python/boto-34 type=group -> drop>
+<transform depend fmri=library/python/coverage-34 type=group -> drop>
+<transform depend fmri=library/python/django-34 type=group -> drop>
+<transform depend fmri=library/python/eventlet-34 type=group -> drop>
+<transform depend fmri=library/python/keystoneclient-34 type=group -> drop>
+<transform depend fmri=library/python/librabbitmq-34 type=group -> drop>
+<transform depend fmri=library/python/m2crypto-34 type=group -> drop>
+<transform depend fmri=library/python/paste-34 type=group -> drop>
+<transform depend fmri=library/python/python-imaging-34 type=group -> drop>
+<transform depend fmri=library/python/simplejson-34 type=group -> drop>
+<transform depend fmri=library/python/sqlalchemy-34 type=group -> drop>