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7109831 userland pkglint should audit runpaths

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Gnuplot 4.4.0

patches/arial.patch changes the default font from "arial" which 
we don't have in Solaris to "LiberationSans-Regular".  

patches/syscfg.h.patch fixes a problem found with the Sun C++ 
compiler and bool and older versions of the Sun header files.  

patches/libpng12.patch fixes a problem found that libgd wants 
-lpng14, but -lcairo and gnuplot want -lpng12.  

There is an additional install_demo rule in Makefile to 
distribute the demos.  

There is an additional install_man rule in Makefile to add Oracle 
stability to the man page.  

There is an additional install_app-defaults rule to copy the
app-defaults file to the Solaris app-defaults directory.