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NAME:             gdb
VERSION:          6.8
DESCRIPTION:      GDB: The GNU Project Debugger
LICENSE:          GPLv3
BUGTRAQ:          solaris/utility/gnu_compiler

This file contains information about the emacs package within the Userland
consolidation. Along with the comments in the Makefile, it documents any
deviations from standard Userland or emacs practice, as well as miscellaneous
information needed to understand how this component is put together.

We made the following changes to the gdb sources:

gdb/auxv.c (gdb.auxv.c.patch);
    This patch accounts for differences between the aux vector on
    solaris versus Linux and big endian (Sparc) versus little
    endian (AMD/Intel):

    - Solaris pads out the auxv for 32 bit process to 64 bits when
      being read by a 64 bit process.  Use the native pointer size in
      gdb itself to determine the auxv field size.

    - On 64 bit Solaris SPARC, i.e. big endian, the type will be in the
      left 4 bytes for 32 bit processes and the right 4 bytes for 64
      bit processes.  The padding is 0.

gdb/fork-child.c (gdb.fork-child.c.patch):
    Solaris could require 2 or 3 exec's to start the debugged process
    depending on whether the user's SHELL is isaexec'ed or not.  Modify
    startup_inferior to loop until it finds the correct process rather
    than assuming a fixed count.

gdb/solib-svr4.c (gdb.solib-svr4.patch):
    Enhance gdb's dectection of the runtime linker to include amd64 and
    sparcv9 when debugging 64 bit processes.