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#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
#include <zlib.h>

const char *zlibVersion(void);
int deflateInit_(z_streamp strm, int level, const char *version,
    int stream_size);
int deflateInit2_(z_streamp strm, int  level, int  method, int windowBits,
    int memLevel, int strategy, const char *version, int stream_size);
int deflate(z_streamp strm, int flush);
int deflateSetDictionary(z_streamp strm, const Bytef *dictionary,
    uInt dictLength);
int deflateCopy(z_streamp dest, z_streamp source);
int deflateReset(z_streamp strm);
int deflateParams(z_streamp strm, int level, int strategy);
int deflateEnd(z_streamp strm);
int deflateTune(z_streamp strm, int good_length, int max_lazy, int nice_length, int max_chain);
uLong deflateBound(z_streamp strm, uLong sourceLen);
int deflatePrime(z_streamp strm, int bits, int value);
int deflateSetHeader(z_streamp strm, gz_headerp head);
int inflateCopy(z_streamp dest, z_streamp source);
int inflatePrime(z_streamp strm, int bits, int value);
int inflateGetHeader(z_streamp strm, gz_headerp head);
int inflateBack(z_streamp strm, in_func in, void FAR *in_desc, out_func out, void FAR *out_desc);
int inflateBackEnd(z_streamp strm);
int inflateInit_(z_streamp strm, const char *version, int stream_size);
int inflateInit2_(z_streamp strm, int  windowBits, const char *version,
    int stream_size);
int inflateBackInit_(z_streamp strm, int windowBits, unsigned char FAR *window,
    const char *version, int stream_size);
int inflate(z_streamp strm, int flush);
int inflateSetDictionary(z_streamp strm, const Bytef *dictionary,
    uInt dictLength);
int inflateSync(z_streamp strm);
int inflateReset(z_streamp strm);
int inflateEnd(z_streamp strm);
int compress(Bytef *dest, uLongf *destLen, const Bytef *source,
    uLong sourceLen);
int compress2(Bytef *dest, uLongf *destLen, const Bytef *source,
    uLong sourceLen, int level);
uLong compressBound(uLong sourceLen);
int uncompress(Bytef *dest, uLongf *destLen, const Bytef *source,
    uLong sourceLen);
gzFile gzopen(const char *path, const char *mode);
gzFile gzdopen(int fd, const char *mode);
int gzsetparams(gzFile file, int level, int strategy);
int gzread(gzFile file, voidp buf, unsigned len);
int gzwrite(gzFile file, voidpc buf, unsigned len);
int gzprintf(gzFile file, const char *format, ...);
int gzputs(gzFile file, const char *s);
char *gzgets(gzFile file, char *buf, int len);
int gzungetc(int c, gzFile file);
int gzputc(gzFile file, int c);
int gzgetc(gzFile file);
int gzflush(gzFile file, int flush);
z_off_t gzseek(gzFile file, z_off_t offset, int whence);
int gzrewind(gzFile file);
z_off_t gztell(gzFile file);
int gzeof(gzFile file);
int gzclose(gzFile file);
int gzdirect(gzFile file);
void gzclearerr(gzFile file);
const char *gzerror(gzFile file, int *errnum);
uLong adler32(uLong adler, const Bytef *buf, uInt len);
uLong adler32_combine(uLong adler1, uLong adler2, z_off_t len2);
uLong crc32(uLong crc, const Bytef *buf, uInt len);
uLong crc32_combine(uLong crc1, uLong crc2, z_off_t len2);
const char *zError(int err);
uLong zlibCompileFlags(void);
int inflateSyncPoint(z_streamp z);
const uLongf *get_crc_table(void);