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automatically generate intercomponent dependencies for build ordering automatically generate component requirements for build environment construction add missing component dependencies add libmng for dependency validation

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include ../make-rules/

# for now, the assumption is we build any directory with a Makefile.  This may
# not always be the case. If we build a new make-like tool to drive the upper
# level build, it may make different decisions and will need to include
# appropriate dependency information.

# is auto-generated by the build tools.  It populates the
# COMPONENT_DIRS macro with a list of all directories in the workspace that
# contain a component.	Makefile # $(WS_TOP)/components
	@echo "Generating component list..."
	@$(TOOLS)/ --workspace=$(WS_TOP) --components=paths \
		| sed -e 's;^$(shell pwd)/;COMPONENT_DIRS += ;g' >$@


download:	TARGET = download
prep:		TARGET = prep
build:		TARGET = build
install:	TARGET = install
publish:	TARGET = publish
validate:	TARGET = validate
clean:		TARGET = clean
clobber:	TARGET = clobber
prep build install publish:		LOG = >$(WS_LOGS)/$(TARGET):[email protected] 2>&1

.DEFAULT:	publish


download prep build install publish validate: setup $(COMPONENT_DIRS)

clean clobber:	$(COMPONENT_DIRS)
ifeq ($(findstring file://, $(PKG_REPO)),file://)
	$(RM) -r $(PKG_REPO:file://%=%) $(WS_LOGS)

setup:	$(WS_LOGS) repo tools

	$(MKDIR) $@

	$(PKGSEND) -s $(PKG_REPO) create-repository \
		--set-property publisher.prefix=$(PUBLISHER)

	@cd ../tools ; echo "building tools..." ; $(GMAKE) setup

	@cd $@ ; echo "$(TARGET) $@" ; $(GMAKE) $(TARGET) $(LOG)

# is auto-generated by the build tools, in particular
	@echo "Generating component dependencies..."
	@$(TOOLS)/ --workspace=$(WS_TOP) --components=depend \
		| sed -e 's;$(shell pwd)/;;g' >$@