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18723259 update timezone data to 2014c
Copyright (c) 1999, 2014, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

The /usr/share/lib/zoneinfo/src directory contains zoneinfo timezone source
files.  These source files have been compiled using zic(1M) to create
the zoneinfo data files in /usr/share/lib/zoneinfo.  The zic command can be
used with the zoneinfo source files to create additional data files.

The zoneinfo files track the Olson public source provided at, therefore zoneinfo files may be added and
removed as the Solaris source is updated.  The current Solaris release of
the zoneinfo files is based on tzdata2014c.tar.gz.

The /usr/share/lib/zoneinfo/GMT[+-]* timezones listed below have been
removed from the release.  Replace usage of the
/usr/share/lib/zoneinfo/GMT[+-]* files with the equivalent quoted timezone
(see environ(5)).  Note the signs of the offsets of the equivalent quoted
timezone are reversed from the signs of the /usr/share/lib/zoneinfo/GMT[+-]*

For example, replace TZ=:GMT+1, with TZ="<GMT-1>-1".  (The colon (:) is
significant.  Without the colon, for example TZ=GMT+1, an unquoted timezone
is used;  unquoted timezones are not affected by the removal of the zoneinfo
timezone files listed below.)

The following files have been removed from the release:


As zoneinfo timezones are updated, the savings/daylight transition rules
and timezone name abbreviations may change.  This can affect how 
the times are calculated in the local timezone.  Therefore the interpretation
of a time_t value can vary amongst Solaris releases that use different
versions of the zoneinfo timezones.

For more information see zic(1M), zdump(1M), environ(5), TIMEZONE(4),
ctime(3C), and mktime(3C) man pages.