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21029732 PKG_CONFIG_PATH should be included in CONFIGURE_ENV and BUILD_ENV 21029735 shared-macros should define service manifest and method macros 21093823 sample-manifest should omit or comment "standard" directories and certain files 21144358 configure scripts usually detect wrong host for 64-bit builds 21157847 instructions have a typo for studio c99 mode 22067225 common make-rules desired for simplifying makefiles 22067806 transforms needs expanding for desktop services
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include $(WS_MAKE_RULES)/
include $(WS_MAKE_RULES)/
include $(WS_MAKE_RULES)/
include $(WS_MAKE_RULES)/
include $(WS_MAKE_RULES)/
include $(WS_MAKE_RULES)/


unpack::	download

patch::		unpack

$(SOURCE_DIR)/.prep:	download unpack patch
	$(TOUCH) [email protected]

prep::	$(SOURCE_DIR)/.prep

	$(RM) -r $(CLEAN_PATHS)

clobber::	clean