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build zone creation rules
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# Rules and Macros for creating a template build zone from the installed system
# and a set of build zones that are clones of the template build zone.
# To use these rules to create a template build zone
#  $ gmake -f make-rules/ template-build-zone
# To use these rules to clone the template zone
#  $ gmake -f make-rules/ build-zone-[1-9]
# or
#  $ gmake -f make-rules/ \
#		/rpool/zones/build-zone-{*}/root/etc/sysidcfg
# Before you create any cloned build zones, it is recommended that you create
# the template build zone, boot it, and make any customizations to it first.
# The act of booting the template zone will cause it to perform any "first boot"
# tasks that might othwise slow down the initial boot of a new build zone.
# Also, all customizations of the template zone will only propagate to the build
# zones when they are created.

ZONECFG =	/usr/sbin/zonecfg
ZONEADM =	/usr/sbin/zoneadm
TZ=		$(shell sed -e '/^TZ=/!d' -e 's;TZ=;;' /etc/default/init)

ZONESCFG_DIR =		/etc/zones
BUILD_ZONE_SPACE =	/rpool/zones

TOUCH =		/usr/bin/touch

SYSIDCFG =	root/etc/sysidcfg
ZI_TAG =	root/.installed

# the name of the template build zone
TMPL_ZONE_NAME =	template-build-zone

# the default package set to add to the template build zone.
TMPL_ZONE_PKGS =	sunstudio12u1
TMPL_ZONE_PKGS +=	gnu-make
TMPL_ZONE_PKGS +=	autoconf
TMPL_ZONE_PKGS +=	automake-110
TMPL_ZONE_PKGS +=	libtool

template-build-zone:	$(BUILD_ZONE_SPACE)/$(TMPL_ZONE_NAME)/$(SYSIDCFG)
build-zone-1:		$(BUILD_ZONE_SPACE)/build-zone-1/$(SYSIDCFG)
build-zone-2:		$(BUILD_ZONE_SPACE)/build-zone-2/$(SYSIDCFG)
build-zone-3:		$(BUILD_ZONE_SPACE)/build-zone-3/$(SYSIDCFG)
build-zone-4:		$(BUILD_ZONE_SPACE)/build-zone-4/$(SYSIDCFG)
build-zone-5:		$(BUILD_ZONE_SPACE)/build-zone-5/$(SYSIDCFG)
build-zone-6:		$(BUILD_ZONE_SPACE)/build-zone-6/$(SYSIDCFG)
build-zone-7:		$(BUILD_ZONE_SPACE)/build-zone-7/$(SYSIDCFG)
build-zone-8:		$(BUILD_ZONE_SPACE)/build-zone-8/$(SYSIDCFG)
build-zone-9:		$(BUILD_ZONE_SPACE)/build-zone-9/$(SYSIDCFG)

# zone install options.  The template zone uses "install", while the build
# zones "clone" the template zone.
	ZI_OPT = install $(TMPL_ZONE_PKGS:%=-e %)

	$(MKDIR) [email protected]

# configure a zone
	( echo "create -b"; \
	  echo "set zonepath=$(BUILD_ZONE_SPACE)/$(@:$(ZONECFG_DIR)/%.xml=%)"; \
	  echo "set brand=ipkg"; \
	  echo "set autoboot=false"; \
	  echo "verify"; \
	  echo "commit" ) | $(ZONECFG) -z $(@:$(ZONECFG_DIR)/%.xml=%)

# install a zone
	$(ZONEADM) -z $(@:$(BUILD_ZONE_SPACE)/%/$(ZI_TAG)=%) $(ZI_OPT)

	( echo "system_locale=C"; \
	  echo "timezone=$(TZ)"; \
	  echo "terminal=xterms"; \
	  echo "security_policy=NONE"; \
	  echo "timeserver=localhost"; \
	  echo "name_service=NONE"; \
	  echo "network_interface=none {"; \
	  echo "    hostname=$(@:$(BUILD_ZONE_SPACE)/%/$(SYSIDCFG)=%)"; \
	  echo "}"; \
	  echo "nfs4_domain=dynamic"; \
	  echo "root_password=NP" ) > [email protected]