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Fix MACH32/MACH64 so more than one architecture can build in the same workspace
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# Rules and Macros for generating an IPS package manifest and publishing an
# IPS package to a pkg depot.
# To use these rules, include ../make-rules/ in your Makefile
# and define an "install" target appropriate to building your component.
# Ex:
#	install:	$(COMPONENT_SRC)/build-$(MACH32)/.installed \
#	 		$(COMPONENT_SRC)/build-$(MACH64)/.installed
# This set of rules makes the "publish" target the default target for make(1)

PKGSEND =	/usr/bin/pkgsend
PKGMOGRIFY =	/usr/bin/pkgmogrify
PKGDEPEND =	/usr/bin/pkgdepend

# Add some default transforms that should apply to everyone
PKGMOGRIFY_TRANSFORMS +=	$(WS_TOP)/transforms/defaults
PKGMOGRIFY_TRANSFORMS +=	$(WS_TOP)/transforms/actuators
PKGMOGRIFY_TRANSFORMS +=	$(WS_TOP)/transforms/devel
PKGMOGRIFY_TRANSFORMS +=	$(WS_TOP)/transforms/docs

MANIFEST =	manifest-$(MACH)

.DEFAULT:	publish

publish:	$(COMPONENT_SRC)/.published


	$(CP) $< [email protected]

	pkgsend generate $(PROTO_DIR) >[email protected]

	echo "set name=pkg.fmri value=pkg:/$(PUBLISHER)/$(COMPONENT_NAME)@$(COMPONENT_VERSION),$(BUILD_VERSION)" >[email protected]
	echo "set name=pkg.description value=\"$(COMPONENT_DESCRIPTION)\"" >>[email protected]
	echo "set value=\"$(COMPONENT_DESCRIPTION)\"" >>[email protected]
	echo "set name=org.opensolaris.consolidation value=$(CONSOLIDATION)" >>[email protected]
	echo "license $(COPYRIGHT_FILE) license=$(COPYRIGHT_FILE)" >>[email protected]
	pkgmogrify $(PKGMOGRIFY_MACROS:%=-D %) $(PKGMOGRIFY_TRANSFORMS) $< >>[email protected]

	pkgdepend generate -m $< $(PROTO_DIR) >[email protected]

	pkgdepend resolve -m $<

$(COMPONENT_SRC)/.published:	$(COMPONENT_SRC)/$(MANIFEST).fdeps.res
	pkgsend -s $(PKG_REPO) publish --fmri-in-manifest \
		-d $(PROTO_DIR) $<
	$(TOUCH) [email protected]