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16404201 serialize pkglinting of components 16666374 userland misses very much, but must move on to's love 16703472 more userland components could benefit from resolve.deps files 16921386 move to parfait 16991973 some things ain't parfait'n 17361780 LD_Z_TEXT should, ya know, contain -z text not -z direct 17389915 default userland gcc should be gcc4 17621943 move to build 32 breaks userland-incorporation 17785723 gdb shouldn't override CC/CXX 17852021 userland-incorporator should detect duplicate packages 17899000 libtool doesn't build properly in non-C locale
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include make-rules/

SUBDIRS += components

download:	TARGET = download
prep:		TARGET = prep
build:		TARGET = build
install:	TARGET = install
publish:	TARGET = publish
validate:	TARGET = validate
clean:		TARGET = clean
clobber:	TARGET = clobber
setup:		TARGET = setup
test:		TARGET = test
component-hook:			TARGET = component-hook

.DEFAULT:	publish

download setup prep build install publish validate clean clobber \
test: component-hook $(SUBDIRS)

	@+echo "$(TARGET) [email protected]" ; $(GMAKE) -C [email protected] $(TARGET)