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16808434 Many components probably don't need a PATH line in their Makefiles 17395397 components/python/decorator/Makefile missing COMPONENT_BUGDB 17952703 transform should be added to drop irrelevant Python dependencies 17975940 mako could have dependency for markupsafe 18293987 /usr/bin/alembic should be shipped 18293992 boto's demo scripts aren't delivered executable 18294001 coverage Python package doesn't deliver 64-bit object 18294049 imaging Python package has some issues 18294059 various Python modules needs work-around for broken 2.7 RUNPATH issue 18377642 py.test has a requirement on py 18539154 Improvements can be made to many Python module dependencies 18539214 Some Python modules can have their tests enabled (Phase 1)
# These are part of the standard Python libraries starting with Python
# 2.7 so these dependencies are unneeded.
<transform depend fmri=library/python-2/argparse-27 -> drop>
<transform depend fmri=library/python-2/importlib-27 -> drop>
<transform depend fmri=library/python-2/ordereddict-27 -> drop>
<transform depend fmri=library/python-2/python-extra-27 -> drop>
<transform depend fmri=library/python-2/unittest2-27 -> drop>
<transform depend fmri=library/python/argparse-27 -> drop>
<transform depend fmri=library/python/importlib-27 -> drop>
<transform depend fmri=library/python/ordereddict-27 -> drop>
<transform depend fmri=library/python/python-extra-27 -> drop>
<transform depend fmri=library/python/unittest2-27 -> drop>