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# Copyright (c) 2015, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

# These are part of the standard Python libraries starting with later
# versions of Python so these dependencies should be elided.
<transform depend fmri=library/python/argparse-27 -> drop>
<transform depend fmri=library/python/argparse-34 -> drop>
<transform depend fmri=library/python/argparse-35 -> drop>
<transform depend fmri=library/python/enum-34 -> drop>
<transform depend fmri=library/python/enum-35 -> drop>
<transform depend fmri=library/python/importlib-27 -> drop>
<transform depend fmri=library/python/importlib-34 -> drop>
<transform depend fmri=library/python/importlib-35 -> drop>
<transform depend fmri=library/python/ordereddict-27 -> drop>
<transform depend fmri=library/python/ordereddict-34 -> drop>
<transform depend fmri=library/python/ordereddict-35 -> drop>
<transform depend fmri=library/python/singledispatch-34 -> drop>
<transform depend fmri=library/python/singledispatch-35 -> drop>
<transform depend fmri=library/python/unittest2-27 -> drop>
<transform depend fmri=library/python/unittest2-34 -> drop>
<transform depend fmri=library/python/unittest2-35 -> drop>