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PSARC/2013/188 Clang/LLVM 15777690 clang/llvm compiler infrastructure in Solaris 21851513 severe memory corruption in the LLVM command-line parsing module 22031298 toxic bugs in LLVM ilist/plist end up eliminating entire MachineBasicBlocks 22065707 LLVM SPARC assembler generator emits wrong ELF Section flags 22346218 LLVM's assembler printer on SPARC needs a lot of work 21870061 partial template specializations in CommandLine.h are buggy 21874261 the Google Test Harness doesn't know how to count threads in Solaris 21697459 memory corruption in LLVM IR Code Generator 21341968 llc on SPARC should not need to be passed -march=sparc or -march=sparcv9 21870103 TableGen makes incorrect assumptions about anonymous namespace instantiation 21870087 naming convention for the InputFile key is inconsistent across LLVM utilities 21870099 128 bytes for a filesystem path is definitely not enough 21870067 lli makes incorrect assumptions about anonymous namespace instantiation order 21870065 llc makes incorrect assumptions about anonymous namespace instantiation order 21870283 llvm::sys::Process::GetArgumentVector should overload for std::vector 21874221 clang C++ does not properly initialize the C++ Standard Library's iostreams

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# Copyright (c) 2015, 2016, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

set name=pkg.fmri \
set name=pkg.summary \
    value="LLVM $(COMPONENT_VERSION) runtime - The Low Level Virtual Machine"
set \
    value="LLVM - The Low Level Virtual Machine Compiler Infrastructure Framework"
set value=$(TPNO)
set name=info.classification value=org.opensolaris.category.2008:Development/C \
    value=org.opensolaris.category.2008:Development/C++ \
    value=org.opensolaris.category.2008:Development/GNU \
    value="org.opensolaris.category.2008:Development/Objective C"
set name=info.source-url value=$(COMPONENT_ARCHIVE_URL)
set name=info.upstream-url value=$(COMPONENT_PROJECT_URL)
set name=org.opensolaris.arc-caseid value=PSARC/2013/188
set name=org.opensolaris.consolidation value=$(CONSOLIDATION)
file path=usr/bin/FileCheck
file path=usr/bin/bugpoint
file path=usr/bin/count
file path=usr/bin/llc
file path=usr/bin/lli
file path=usr/bin/lli-child-target
file path=usr/bin/llvm-ar
file path=usr/bin/llvm-as
file path=usr/bin/llvm-bcanalyzer
file path=usr/bin/llvm-config
file path=usr/bin/llvm-cov
file path=usr/bin/llvm-diff
file path=usr/bin/llvm-dis
file path=usr/bin/llvm-dsymutil
file path=usr/bin/llvm-dwarfdump
file path=usr/bin/llvm-extract
file path=usr/bin/llvm-link
file path=usr/bin/llvm-lto
file path=usr/bin/llvm-mc
file path=usr/bin/llvm-mcmarkup
file path=usr/bin/llvm-nm
file path=usr/bin/llvm-objdump
file path=usr/bin/llvm-profdata
hardlink path=usr/bin/llvm-ranlib target=llvm-ar
file path=usr/bin/llvm-readobj
file path=usr/bin/llvm-rtdyld
file path=usr/bin/llvm-size
file path=usr/bin/llvm-stress
file path=usr/bin/llvm-symbolizer
file path=usr/bin/llvm-tblgen
file path=usr/bin/llvm-vtabledump
file path=usr/bin/macho-dump
file path=usr/bin/not
file path=usr/bin/obj2yaml
file path=usr/bin/opt
file path=usr/bin/verify-uselistorder
file path=usr/bin/yaml2obj
file path=usr/lib/$(MACH64)/
file path=usr/lib/$(MACH64)/
link path=usr/lib/$(MACH64)/libLLVM-$(COMPONENT_VERSION).so \
file path=usr/lib/$(MACH64)/
file path=usr/lib/$(MACH64)/
license llvm.license license="University of Illinois/NCSA"
depend type=require fmri=pkg:/developer/gcc-49
depend type=require fmri=pkg:/developer/gnu-binutils
depend type=require fmri=pkg:/system/library/gcc/gcc-runtime-49