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17027687 smbd is still not closing stale Samba connections w/ 119758-27 w/ SAMFS
# Python 2's ABI for .so files is to simply append ".so".  But for Python
# 3, it appends ".cpython-3#[d][m][u].so", where # is the minor version,
# "d" is added if built --with-pydebug (we don't), "m" is added if built
# --with-pymalloc (we do) and "u" is added if built --with-wide-unicode
# (we don't).  See for details.
<transform file -> edit path \
    (usr/lib/python3.)([0-9])(/vendor-packages/(.*/)?64/.*)\.so \
    \\1\\2\\3.cpython-3\\ >