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add a2ps to the userland gate
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# These transforms drop the information that we don't really care about when
# comparing manifests for change.

# drop actions that don't apply to the architecture we are on
<transform dir file link hardlink variant.arch=(?!$(ARCH)) -> drop>

# drop the license actions from the manifests, we aren't going to compare them
<transform license -> drop>

# remove the version information from the dependency actions
<transform depend -> edit fmri "@[^ \t\n\r\f\v]*" "">

# normalize the pkg.fmri for the current build
<transform set name=pkg.fmri -> \
	edit value "@[^ \t\n\r\f\v]*" \

# convert temporary macro names to their real name
<transform set -> edit value "\$!\((.*)\)" "$(\1)">
<transform set -> edit value "\$!\((.*)\)" "$(\1)">

# standardize the file hashes
<transform file -> set action.hash 'NOHASH'>

# drop extra attribute data that we don't want to compare
<transform dir file link hardlink -> delete timestamp .*>
<transform dir file link hardlink -> delete pkg.csize .*>
<transform dir file link hardlink -> delete pkg.chash .*>
<transform dir file link hardlink -> delete pkg.size .*>
<transform dir file link hardlink -> delete owner .*>
<transform dir file link hardlink -> delete group .*>
<transform dir file link hardlink -> delete mode .*>
<transform dir file link hardlink -> delete variant.arch .*>
<transform dir file link hardlink -> delete preserve .*>
<transform dir file link hardlink -> delete original_name .*>