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Wed, 10 Feb 2016 22:10:43 -0500
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PSARC/2016/016 Rename/Refactor Puppet and Puppet Module Packages 21041932 puppet, facter, and hiera need to build Ruby 2.1 packages 21042030 puppet, facter, and hiera need to stop building Ruby 1.9 packages 21613616 oracle-solaris_provider builds should come from the github repo we publish 22047789 puppet package name and dependencies are confusing 22301978 Overzealous use of $(RUBY_VERSION) in puppet packaging 22347610 GIT repos cannot be used as described in docs 22664785 Puppet module files should be owned by puppet 22675056 git clone could use --depth 1
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# print a line "depend type group fmri=<pkg-short-name> type=group"
<transform set name=pkg.fmri value=pkg:/(.+)@.+ -> print depend type=group fmri=%<1>>
# drop all actions
<transform -> drop >