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                 Migration from Solaris WU-FTPD to ProFTPD


This document provides an overview of migrating the Solaris WU-FTPD
configuration to Solaris ProFTPD. ProFTPD replaces WU-FTPD in this
Oracle Solaris release and has a different configuration system.

Migration from the previous Solaris FTP server setup must be done

This document contains the following sections:

    * Section 1 - basic overview of configuration
    * Section 2 - managing access
    * Section 3 - virtual host configuration
    * Section 4 - other options

1. Basic overview of configuration

WU-FTPD uses several configuration files to manage the FTP server:


These configuration files manage all aspects from general options to
account management and virtual servers.

Configuration of ProFTPD is contained in /etc/proftpd.conf. It is also
possible to manage some options on per-directory basis with .ftpaccess

ProFTPD consists of a core server and a series of "modules".
Configuration of ProFTPD is separated into "contexts" containing

2. Managing access

WU-FTPD uses several files to manage access to system:


ProFTPD uses the "Limit" context to configure access.

For backward compatibility /etc/ftpd/ftpusers is provided and
/etc/ftpusers is symlink to /etc/ftpd/ftpusers. It is used if
UseFtpUsers is set to "on" which is the default setting.

2.1. Anonymous access

In WU-FTPD anonymous access is enabled by the ftpconfig(1M) command
which also created the necessary chroot(1M) environment. ProFTPD does
not need chroot(1M) as all access management is handled as part of the
"Anonymous" context.

2.2. Allow/deny retrieve of files

In ProFTPD it is possible to manage access to files on a per-directory
basis with .ftpaccess files.

2.3. Control of download/upload size

Directives are provided for control of download and upload size:

  MaxRetrieveFileSize - size of downloaded files
  MaxStoreFileSize - size of uploaded files

2.4. Maximum login failures before terminating the FTP connection

MaxLoginAttempts controls the maximum number of login failures. The
default is 3.

3. Virtual host configuration

ProFTPD provides a comprehensive set of directives to manage virtual
FTP servers. Refer to the VirtualHost documentation for details.

4. Other options

Other common WU-FTPD /etc/ftpd/ftpaccess options are configured in
ProFTPD as follows:

4.1. Connection management

4.1.1. Limit IP address on which FTP server listens

For a standalone FTP server DefaultAddress configures the listener
address. For virtual servers the IP addresses are part of the
VirtualHost context.

4.1.2. IP Class of Service setup

ProFTPD does not support manipulation of IP Class of Service within FTP
server implementation.

4.1.3. Keepalive

ProFTPD always sets the SO_KEEPALIVE socket option.

4.1.4. TCP window size

Directives are provided for control of socket options:

  SocketOptions - tune socket-level options, including
                  TCP send/receive window sizes.

4.1.5. Enable/disable reverse remote host lookup

Reverse DNS lookup is configured using UseReverseDNS, the default is

4.2. Session management

4.2.1. Timeouts management

ProFTPD provides the following set of timeouts:

  TimeoutIdle - the idle connection timeout
  TimeoutLinger - the timeout used for lingering closes
  TimeoutLogin - the login timeout
  TimeoutNoTransfer - the connection without data transfer timeout
  TimeoutSession - the timeout for the whole session
  TimeoutStalled - the timeout on stalled downloads

4.2.2. banner option

The DisplayConnect directive configures an ASCII text filename which
will be displayed to the user when they initially connect but before
they login.

4.2.3. message option

Two directives are provided:

  DisplayLogin - for message file after login
  DisplayChdir - for message file after every chdir

4.2.4. Control of list options

ProFTPD does not allow the use of an external command to generate
directory listings. Listing output is controlled by ListOptions.

4.3. Process management

4.3.1. Setting nice(1)

ProFTPD does not provide an interface for changing the nice value.  The
nice value needs to managed outside of ProFTPD for example using the
nice(1) command.

4.3.2. Setting umask

Use the Umask directive.

4.3.3. E-mail notification for uploads

ProFTPD provides /usr/sbin/ftpmail script which reads TranferLog
entries and sends e-mail notifications when uploads occur.

4.3.4. Shutdown management

ftpshut(1M) and ftprestart(1M) commands are provided. The file
monitored by FTP server is set to /etc/shutmsg and it is not possible
to configure the path.

4.4. Log options

The ProFTPD mod_log module handles logging. By default it uses
syslogd(1M). Control of the log format is provided by the LogFormat

4.5. Kerberos support

ProFTPD supports Kerberos authentication through the mod_gss module.

4.6. Miscellaneous options

4.6.1. cdpath

Provided by the CDPath directive.

4.7. Removed options

4.7.1 alias

Aliasing of directory paths is not provided by ProFTPD.

4.7.2 ftpconversion and compress

ftpconversion is not supported by ProFTPD. For compression external
modules mod_deflate and mod_gzipfs can be used but they are not
provided in the Solaris default installation.

4.7.3. SITE EXEC

SITE EXEC is not provided by ProFTPD. Consider using other more secure
methods for command execution.

4.7.4. quota-info

quota-info option replacement is not provided by ProFTPD.

4.7.5. passive address

passive address option replacement is not provided by ProFTPD.

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