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7011369 gmake complains about fresh userland bits 7011699 USERLAND prefix relocation is broken 7011719 userland doesn't need to be able to build python 2.4 bits. 7011956 userland-fetch friendliness enhancements
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$(COMPONENT_SRC)/build-%-2.6/.built:		PYTHON_VERSION=2.6
$(COMPONENT_SRC)/build-$(MACH32)-%/.built:	BITS=32
$(COMPONENT_SRC)/build-$(MACH64)-%/.built:	BITS=64

$(COMPONENT_SRC)/build-%-2.6/.installed:	PYTHON_VERSION=2.6
$(COMPONENT_SRC)/build-$(MACH32)-%/.installed:	BITS=32
$(COMPONENT_SRC)/build-$(MACH64)-%/.installed:	BITS=64

BUILD_32 = $(PYTHON_VERSIONS:%=$(COMPONENT_SRC)/build-$(MACH32)-%/.built)
BUILD_64 = $(PYTHON_VERSIONS:%=$(COMPONENT_SRC)/build-$(MACH64)-%/.built)

INSTALL_32 = $(PYTHON_VERSIONS:%=$(COMPONENT_SRC)/build-$(MACH32)-%/.installed)
INSTALL_64 = $(PYTHON_VERSIONS:%=$(COMPONENT_SRC)/build-$(MACH64)-%/.installed)

# build the configured source
$(COMPONENT_SRC)/build-%/.built:	$(COMPONENT_SRC)/.prep
	$(RM) -r $(@D) ; $(MKDIR) $(@D)
		$(PYTHON.$(BITS)) ./ build --build-temp $(@D:$(COMPONENT_SRC)/%=%))
	$(TOUCH) [email protected]

# The default is site-packages, but that directory belongs to the end-user.
# Modules which are shipped by the OS but not with the core Python distribution
# belong in vendor-packages.
PYTHON_LIB= /usr/lib/python$(PYTHON_VERSION)/vendor-packages

# install the built source into a prototype area
$(COMPONENT_SRC)/build-%/.installed:	$(COMPONENT_SRC)/build-%/.built
		$(PYTHON.$(BITS)) ./ install --root $(PROTO_DIR) \
	$(TOUCH) [email protected]