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18354422 facter cannot parse the output of GNU uptime 18960283 problem in UTILITY/PUPPET 18960296 Update Facter to 2.1.0 19357281 facter --help doesn't work 19402424 puppet error when no swap devices configured 19646677 facter-19 package not installed if ruby-19 not installed 19596952 Update facter 2.1.0 license 17797881 Add facter support for ldoms
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include make-rules/

SUBDIRS += components

download:	TARGET = download
prep:		TARGET = prep
build:		TARGET = build
install:	TARGET = install
publish:	TARGET = publish
validate:	TARGET = validate
clean:		TARGET = clean
clobber:	TARGET = clobber
setup:		TARGET = setup
test:		TARGET = test
component-hook:			TARGET = component-hook

.DEFAULT:	publish

download setup prep build install publish validate clean clobber \
test: component-hook $(SUBDIRS)

	@+echo "$(TARGET) [email protected]" ; $(GMAKE) -C [email protected] $(TARGET)