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6926434 ib_read_bw, ib_read_lat: OFED utilities sometimes hang when using "-e" (event) flag 6996726 "rds-stress --show-perfdata" option is broken. 7003185 rds-stress man page needs cleanup 7005654 qperf: 32bit only: qperf fails in all RC/UD streaming tests 7024095 heading whitespace of HCA specific desc string is ignored if '-N' not specified 7043392 OFED 1.5.3: test_verbs: 'resize CQ' test failed on tavor 7043758 OFED 1.5.3: test_verbs: core dump while during async test on tavor with snv_166 7044543 ibsysstat server process fails to get cpu info 7046730 ibstatus needs to clean up after itself 7050802 OFED 1.5.3: ib_send_bw/ib_send_lat doesn't work with '-g' option 7061241 OFED 1.5.3 ib_read_lat/ib_read_bw don't work between tavor and hermon 7087339 modify solaris changes to libmlx4 to use returned inline size from hermon driver 7090343 solaris_set_nodedesc: the -N option does not work 7091277 /usr/man/man3/ibnd_debug.3 and ibnd_destroy_fabric.3 refer to non-existence ibnd_discover_fabric.3 7091649 OFED 1.5.3: ibdiagnet: "-vlr -r" shows file open failure messages on Solaris 7093499 ib_rdma_lat, ib_read_lat, ib_write_lat and other IB verb latency tools should use gethrtime 7095000 mem leak in libibvers ibv_read_sysfs_file() 7095879 resize cq in libmlx4 incorrect 7095943 rdma_lat & rdma_bw core dump on non ib system 7099692 Add man pages for OFUV perftest utilities 7108873 definitions in sol_uverbs_ioctl.h & sol_umad_ioctl.h are duplicated in solaris_compatibility.c 7119924 ibportstate: operations enable, disable, and reset should only be allowed on switch ports 7120891 ibv_devinfo should report a valid active_mtu instead of 'Unknown' 7141996 sol_uverbs should provide ioctl calls to get GIDs and PKEYs for libibverbs (userland changes) 7144445 -v white space issue 7146479 qperf --cpu_affinity doesn't match with solaris cpu no. 7146482 qperf -cm1 sometimes failed with "rdma_listen failed" message
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include make-rules/

SUBDIRS += components

download:	TARGET = download
prep:		TARGET = prep
build:		TARGET = build
install:	TARGET = install
publish:	TARGET = publish
validate:	TARGET = validate
clean:		TARGET = clean
clobber:	TARGET = clobber
setup:		TARGET = setup
test:		TARGET = test

.DEFAULT:	publish

download setup prep build install publish validate clean clobber \
test: $(SUBDIRS)

	+echo "$(TARGET) [email protected]" ; $(GMAKE) -C [email protected] $(TARGET)