25652036 Update GNU sed to version 4.4
authorRich Burridge <rich.burridge@oracle.com>
Tue, 18 Apr 2017 09:13:23 -0700
changeset 7899 7593c955687c
parent 7898 b6036d22c840
child 7900 18f1ac4be9fb
25652036 Update GNU sed to version 4.4
--- a/components/sed/Makefile	Tue Apr 18 09:10:22 2017 -0700
+++ b/components/sed/Makefile	Tue Apr 18 09:13:23 2017 -0700
@@ -26,13 +26,14 @@
 include ../../make-rules/shared-macros.mk
-    sha256:fea0a94d4b605894f3e2d5572e3f96e4413bcad3a085aae7367c2cf07908b2ff
+    sha256:cbd6ebc5aaf080ed60d0162d7f6aeae58211a1ee9ba9bb25623daa6cd942683b
 COMPONENT_BUGDB=	utility/gnu-sed
-TPNO=			12595
+TPNO=			34017
 include $(WS_MAKE_RULES)/gnu-component.mk
@@ -41,14 +42,21 @@
-COMPONENT_TEST_DIR =		$(@D)/testsuite
+# Needed for "gmake test" to work successfully.
+# If SHELLOPTS is exported (as it is by the userland makefiles),
+# then all shell options get exported to child invocations of bash,
+# which results in test failures due to nounset and xtrace being
+# set unexpectedly, and errors such as "$1: unbound variable" and
+# diffs failing due to script tracing in output files.
+unexport SHELLOPTS
-    '-e "s|^make.*: Leaving directory.*$$|XXX_CC_XXX|g" ' \
-    '-e "s|^make.*: Entering directory.*$$|XXX_CC_XXX|g" ' \
-    '-e "s|^make.*: Nothing to be.*$$|XXX_CC_XXX|g" ' \
-    '-e "s|^/usr/gnu/bin/make.*$$|XXX_CC_XXX|g" ' \
-    '-e "/^XXX_CC_XXX$$/d" '
+	'-n ' \
+	'-e "/TOTAL/p" ' \
+	'-e "/SKIP/p" ' \
+	'-e "/PASS/p" ' \
+	'-e "/FAIL/p" ' \
+	'-e "/ERROR/p" '
 # Modify test results for system-test
--- a/components/sed/test/results-64.master	Tue Apr 18 09:10:22 2017 -0700
+++ b/components/sed/test/results-64.master	Tue Apr 18 09:13:23 2017 -0700
@@ -1,69 +1,252 @@
-PASS: appquit
-PASS: enable
-PASS: sep
-PASS: inclib
-PASS: 8bit
-PASS: newjis
-PASS: xabcx
-PASS: dollar
-PASS: noeol
-PASS: noeolw
-PASS: modulo
-PASS: numsub
-PASS: numsub2
-PASS: numsub3
-PASS: numsub4
-PASS: numsub5
-PASS: 0range
-PASS: bkslashes
-PASS: head
-PASS: madding
-PASS: mac-mf
-PASS: empty
-PASS: xbxcx
-PASS: xbxcx3
-PASS: recall
-PASS: recall2
-PASS: xemacs
-PASS: fasts
-PASS: uniq
-PASS: manis
-PASS: khadafy
-PASS: linecnt
-PASS: eval
-PASS: distrib
-PASS: 8to7
-PASS: y-bracket
-PASS: y-newline
-PASS: allsub
-PASS: cv-vars
-PASS: classes
-PASS: middle
-PASS: bsd
-PASS: stdin
-PASS: flipcase
-PASS: insens
-PASS: subwrite
-PASS: writeout
-PASS: readin
-PASS: insert
-PASS: utf8-1
-PASS: utf8-2
-PASS: utf8-3
-PASS: utf8-4
-PASS: badenc
-PASS: inplace-hold
-PASS: brackets
-PASS: amp-escape
-PASS: help
-PASS: version
-PASS: file
-PASS: quiet
-PASS: factor
-PASS: binary3
-PASS: binary2
-PASS: binary
-PASS: dc
-All 66 tests passed
+SKIP: testsuite/get-mb-cur-max
+SKIP: testsuite/test-mbrtowc
+PASS: testsuite/appquit
+PASS: testsuite/enable
+PASS: testsuite/sep
+PASS: testsuite/inclib
+PASS: testsuite/8bit
+PASS: testsuite/newjis
+PASS: testsuite/xabcx
+PASS: testsuite/dollar
+PASS: testsuite/noeol
+PASS: testsuite/noeolw
+PASS: testsuite/modulo
+PASS: testsuite/numsub
+PASS: testsuite/numsub2
+PASS: testsuite/numsub3
+PASS: testsuite/numsub4
+PASS: testsuite/numsub5
+PASS: testsuite/0range
+PASS: testsuite/bkslashes
+PASS: testsuite/head
+PASS: testsuite/madding
+PASS: testsuite/mac-mf
+PASS: testsuite/empty
+PASS: testsuite/xbxcx
+PASS: testsuite/xbxcx3
+PASS: testsuite/recall
+PASS: testsuite/recall2
+PASS: testsuite/xemacs
+PASS: testsuite/fasts
+PASS: testsuite/uniq
+PASS: testsuite/manis
+PASS: testsuite/khadafy
+PASS: testsuite/linecnt
+PASS: testsuite/eval
+PASS: testsuite/distrib
+PASS: testsuite/8to7
+PASS: testsuite/y-bracket
+PASS: testsuite/y-newline
+PASS: testsuite/y-zero
+PASS: testsuite/allsub
+PASS: testsuite/cv-vars
+PASS: testsuite/classes
+PASS: testsuite/middle
+PASS: testsuite/bsd
+PASS: testsuite/stdin
+PASS: testsuite/flipcase
+PASS: testsuite/insens
+PASS: testsuite/subwrite
+PASS: testsuite/writeout
+PASS: testsuite/readin
+PASS: testsuite/insert
+PASS: testsuite/utf8-1
+PASS: testsuite/utf8-2
+PASS: testsuite/utf8-3
+PASS: testsuite/utf8-4
+PASS: testsuite/badenc
+PASS: testsuite/inplace-hold
+PASS: testsuite/brackets
+PASS: testsuite/amp-escape
+PASS: testsuite/help
+PASS: testsuite/file
+PASS: testsuite/quiet
+PASS: testsuite/factor
+PASS: testsuite/binary3
+PASS: testsuite/binary2
+PASS: testsuite/binary
+PASS: testsuite/dc
+PASS: testsuite/newline-anchor
+PASS: testsuite/zero-anchor
+PASS: testsuite/cmd-l.sh
+PASS: testsuite/cmd-R.sh
+PASS: testsuite/colon-with-no-label.sh
+PASS: testsuite/comment-n.sh
+PASS: testsuite/compile-errors.sh
+PASS: testsuite/compile-tests.sh
+PASS: testsuite/convert-number.sh
+PASS: testsuite/execute-tests.sh
+PASS: testsuite/help-version.sh
+PASS: testsuite/in-place-hyphen.sh
+PASS: testsuite/in-place-suffix-backup.sh
+SKIP: testsuite/invalid-mb-seq-UMR.sh
+PASS: testsuite/mb-bad-delim.sh
+SKIP: testsuite/mb-charclass-non-utf8.sh
+PASS: testsuite/mb-match-slash.sh
+PASS: testsuite/mb-y-translate.sh
+SKIP: testsuite/newline-dfa-bug.sh
+PASS: testsuite/normalize-text.sh
+PASS: testsuite/nulldata.sh
+PASS: testsuite/panic-tests.sh
+PASS: testsuite/posix-char-class.sh
+PASS: testsuite/posix-mode-addr.sh
+PASS: testsuite/posix-mode-bad-ref.sh
+PASS: testsuite/posix-mode-s.sh
+PASS: testsuite/posix-mode-N.sh
+PASS: testsuite/range-overlap.sh
+PASS: testsuite/recursive-escape-c.sh
+PASS: testsuite/regex-errors.sh
+PASS: testsuite/sandbox.sh
+PASS: testsuite/stdin-prog.sh
+PASS: testsuite/subst-options.sh
+PASS: testsuite/subst-mb-incomplete.sh
+PASS: testsuite/subst-replacement.sh
+PASS: testsuite/temp-file-cleanup.sh
+PASS: testsuite/title-case.sh
+PASS: testsuite/unbuffered.sh
+PASS: testsuite/follow-symlinks.sh
+PASS: testsuite/follow-symlinks-stdin.sh
+# TOTAL: 108
+# PASS:  103
+# SKIP:  5
+# XFAIL: 0
+# FAIL:  0
+# XPASS: 0
+# ERROR: 0
+PASS: test-set-mode-acl.sh
+PASS: test-set-mode-acl-1.sh
+PASS: test-set-mode-acl-2.sh
+PASS: test-copy-acl.sh
+PASS: test-copy-acl-1.sh
+PASS: test-copy-acl-2.sh
+PASS: test-alignof
+PASS: test-alloca-opt
+PASS: test-binary-io.sh
+PASS: test-btowc1.sh
+PASS: test-btowc2.sh
+PASS: test-c-ctype
+PASS: test-c-strcase.sh
+PASS: test-canonicalize-lgpl
+PASS: test-chdir
+PASS: test-close
+PASS: test-ctype
+PASS: dfa-invalid-char-class.sh
+PASS: dfa-match.sh
+PASS: test-dirent
+PASS: test-dup2
+PASS: test-environ
+PASS: test-errno
+PASS: test-fcntl-h
+PASS: test-fdopen
+PASS: test-fflush
+PASS: test-fflush2.sh
+PASS: test-fgetc
+PASS: test-file-has-acl.sh
+PASS: test-file-has-acl-1.sh
+PASS: test-file-has-acl-2.sh
+PASS: test-fpending.sh
+PASS: test-fpurge
+PASS: test-fputc
+PASS: test-fread
+PASS: test-freading
+PASS: test-fseek.sh
+PASS: test-fseek2.sh
+PASS: test-fseeko.sh
+PASS: test-fseeko2.sh
+PASS: test-fseeko3.sh
+PASS: test-fseeko4.sh
+PASS: test-fstat
+PASS: test-ftell.sh
+PASS: test-ftell2.sh
+PASS: test-ftell3
+PASS: test-ftello.sh
+PASS: test-ftello2.sh
+PASS: test-ftello3
+PASS: test-ftello4.sh
+PASS: test-fwrite
+PASS: test-fwriting
+PASS: test-getcwd-lgpl
+PASS: test-getdelim
+PASS: test-getdtablesize
+PASS: test-getopt-gnu
+PASS: test-getopt-posix
+PASS: test-getprogname
+PASS: test-gettimeofday
+PASS: test-ignore-value
+PASS: test-intprops
+PASS: test-inttypes
+PASS: test-isblank
+PASS: test-langinfo
+PASS: test-limits-h
+PASS: test-link
+PASS: test-locale
+PASS: test-localeconv
+FAIL: test-localename
+PASS: test-lseek.sh
+PASS: test-lstat
+PASS: test-malloca
+PASS: test-mbrtowc1.sh
+PASS: test-mbrtowc2.sh
+PASS: test-mbrtowc3.sh
+PASS: test-mbrtowc4.sh
+PASS: test-mbrtowc5.sh
+SKIP: test-mbrtowc-w32-1.sh
+SKIP: test-mbrtowc-w32-2.sh
+SKIP: test-mbrtowc-w32-3.sh
+SKIP: test-mbrtowc-w32-4.sh
+SKIP: test-mbrtowc-w32-5.sh
+PASS: test-mbsinit.sh
+PASS: test-memchr
+PASS: test-memrchr
+PASS: test-nl_langinfo.sh
+PASS: test-open
+PASS: test-pathmax
+PASS: test-quotearg-simple
+PASS: test-read-file
+PASS: test-readlink
+PASS: test-regex
+PASS: test-rename
+PASS: test-rmdir
+PASS: test-setenv
+PASS: test-setlocale1.sh
+PASS: test-setlocale2.sh
+PASS: test-stat
+SKIP: test-stdalign
+PASS: test-stdbool
+PASS: test-stddef
+PASS: test-stdint
+PASS: test-stdio
+PASS: test-stdlib
+PASS: test-strerror
+PASS: test-string
+PASS: test-strverscmp
+PASS: test-symlink
+PASS: test-sys_stat
+PASS: test-sys_time
+PASS: test-sys_types
+PASS: test-init.sh
+PASS: test-time
+PASS: test-unistd
+PASS: test-unsetenv
+PASS: test-update-copyright.sh
+PASS: test-vc-list-files-git.sh
+PASS: test-vc-list-files-cvs.sh
+PASS: test-verify
+PASS: test-verify.sh
+PASS: test-version-etc.sh
+PASS: test-wchar
+PASS: test-wcrtomb.sh
+SKIP: test-wcrtomb-w32-1.sh
+SKIP: test-wcrtomb-w32-2.sh
+SKIP: test-wcrtomb-w32-3.sh
+SKIP: test-wcrtomb-w32-4.sh
+SKIP: test-wcrtomb-w32-5.sh
+PASS: test-wctype-h
+PASS: test-xalloc-die.sh
+# TOTAL: 130
+# PASS:  118
+# SKIP:  11
+# XFAIL: 0
+# FAIL:  1
+# XPASS: 0
+# ERROR: 0