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     This README provides a very brief overview of the gate, how to retrieve
     a copy, and how to build it.  Detailed documentation about the Userland
     gate can be found in the 'doc' directory.  Questions or comments about
-    the gate can be addressed to [email protected]
+    the gate can be addressed to [email protected]
-    The Userland consolidation maintains a Mercurial gate at
+    The Userland consolidation maintains a project page at
-        ssh://[email protected]//hg/userland/gate
+    and a Mercurial gate at
     This gate contains build recipies, patches, IPS manifests, etc. necessary
     to download, prep, build, test, package and publish open source software.
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     build or develop in the gate, you will need to clone it.  You can do so
     with the following command
-      $ hg clone ssh://[email protected]//hg/userland/gate /scratch/clone
+      $ hg clone /scratch/clone
     This will create a replica of the various pieces that are checked into the
     source code management system, but it does not retrieve the community