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illumos-userland Illumos userland project OI 2012-05-23
oi-build OpenIndiana Unified Build System (based on illumos-userland) OI 2012-10-10
sustaining/oi_151a/g11n/g11n oi_151a nv-g11n/inputmethod OI 2012-10-06
sustaining/oi_151a/g11n/inputmethod oi_151a nv-g11n/g11n OI 2012-10-06
sustaining/oi_151a/illumos-gate oi_151a illumos-gate OI 24 months ago
sustaining/oi_151a/oi-build oi_151a oi-build with additional software OI 2014-01-18
sustaining/oi_151a/pkg-gate oi_151a pkg-gate OI 2014-01-18
sustaining/oi_151a/sfw-gate oi_151a sfw-gate OI 24 months ago
sustaining/oi_151a/slim_source oi_151a slim_source OI 2012-10-06
sustaining/oi_151a/spec-files oi_151a JDS spec-files OI 2012-10-06
sustaining/oi_151a/spec-files-mozilla-l10n oi_151a spec-files-mozilla-l10n OI 2012-10-06
sustaining/oi_151a/xnv oi_151a xnv OI 2013-07-21
testing/illumos-gate OI illumos-gate testing repo OI 2012-09-05
upstream/illumos/illumos-gate Upstream illumos Project illumos 2013-09-07
upstream/oracle/g11n/g11n Upstream Oracle nv-g11n/g11n Oracle 2012-01-24
upstream/oracle/g11n/g11n-spec Upstream Oracle nv-g11n/g11n-spec Oracle 2011-11-14
upstream/oracle/g11n/inputmethod Upstream Oracle nv-g11n/inputmethod Oracle 2011-12-15
upstream/oracle/g11n/locale Upstream Oracle nv-g11n/locale Oracle 2011-11-14
upstream/oracle/g11n/messages Upstream Oracle nv-g11n/messages Oracle 2011-11-14
upstream/oracle/jds-cbe Upstream JDS Common Build Environment Oracle 2010-08-09
upstream/oracle/onnv-gate Upstream ON/Nevada (ONNV) Project (FROZEN) Oracle 2010-08-18
upstream/oracle/onnv-gate-zfscrypto Upstream ON/Nevada (ONNV) Project (FROZEN) Oracle 2013-09-05
upstream/oracle/pkg-gate Upstream Image Packaging System (IPS) Project Oracle 4 weeks ago
upstream/oracle/sfw-gate Upstream Solaris Freeware (SFW) Project Oracle 2011-07-31
upstream/oracle/slim_source Upstream Caiman Project Oracle 2012-09-10
upstream/oracle/spec-files Java Desktop System (JDS) Project Oracle 2012-05-31
upstream/oracle/userland-gate Userland Consolidation Oracle 15 hours ago
upstream/oracle/vpanels Upstream Vpanels Project Oracle 2012-06-21
upstream/oracle/xnv Upstream X11 Project Oracle 2011-09-23
upstream/oracle/x-cons/x-s11-update-clone Upstream Solaris 11.x X11 Project Oracle 20 months ago
upstream/oracle/x-cons/x-s12-clone Upstream X11 Project Oracle 38 hours ago
upstream/oracle/solaris-desktop~spec-files unknown OI 4 weeks ago
upstream/spec-files-extra The spec-files-extra (SFE) Project SFE 2013-05-18
users/aszeszo/oi-extras Andrzej Szeszo's oi-extras repo Andrzej Szeszo <> 2011-08-14
users/aszeszo/pkg5-aa600f1de478-with-oi-fixes Andrzej Szeszo's pkg5-aa600f1de478-with-oi-fixes Andrzej Szeszo <> 2011-06-05
users/aszeszo/s10-userland EveryCity's Solaris 10 Userland repo Andrzej Szeszo <> 2012-11-08
users/aszeszo/userland-gate-patched Userland Consolidation Oracle 2011-09-16
users/aszeszo/components-gnome unknown OI 2013-08-23
users/xenol/oi-build unknown OI 2013-02-06
patch-queues/mq_pkg-gate OI patch set for IPS OI 2011-07-12
patch-queues/mq_spec-files OI patch set for JDS spec files OI 2011-06-10
patch-queues/mq_vpanels OI patch set for vpanels OI 2010-12-02
projects/illumos/nmalloc Illumos GSOC nmalloc project Albert Lee <> 2010-10-22
projects/illumos/intrd Illumos GSOC Rewrite of intrd in C project Albert Lee <> 2011-02-01
projects/oiac/spec-files-oi-extra OpenIndiana Addon Consolidation extra OI 2010-10-25
projects/oiac/spec-files-oi-main OpenIndiana Addon Consolidation main OI 2010-10-25
projects/sfe/oi-sfe-tools Tools for doing the OI build of SFE packages OI 2012-01-15
oi-cbe OpenIndiana Common Build Environment OI 2011-06-02
openindiana OpenIndiana patches/build scripts OI 2010-11-25
openindiana-backgrounds OpenIndiana Desktop Backgrounds OI 2010-10-03
openindiana-gdm-themes OpenIndiana GDM Themes OI 2010-09-16
openindiana-welcome OpenIndiana Welcome Package OI 2010-09-16
spec-files-mozilla-l10n Firefox and Thunderbird internationalisation OI 2011-04-20
wip/illumos-userland unknown OI 2012-06-06