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PSARC 2015/110 OpenStack service updates for Juno PSARC 2014/302 oslo.messaging - OpenStack RPC and notifications PSARC 2014/303 concurrent.futures - high-level Python interface for asynchronous execution PSARC 2014/304 networkx - Python module for complex networks PSARC 2014/305 taskflow - Python module for task execution PSARC 2014/329 pycadf - Python interface for CADF (cloud auditing) PSARC 2014/330 posix_ipc - POSIX IPC primitives for Python PSARC 2014/331 oauthlib - Python implementation of OAuth request-signing logic PSARC 2014/377 noVNC - A browser based VNC client PSARC 2015/058 oslo - OpenStack common libraries (context, db, i18n, middleware, serialization, utils, vmware) PSARC 2015/059 glance_store - Glance storage library PSARC 2015/060 ipaddr - an IPv4/IPv6 manipulation library in Python PSARC 2015/061 simplegeneric - single-dispatch generic Python functions PSARC 2015/062 wsme - Web Services Made Easy PSARC 2015/063 retrying - General purpose Python retrying library PSARC 2015/065 osprofiler - an OpenStack cross-project profiling library PSARC 2015/066 OpenStack client for Sahara (Hadoop as a Service) PSARC 2015/067 keystonemiddleware - Middleware for OpenStack Identity PSARC 2015/068 pyScss - Compiler for the SCSS flavor of the Sass language PSARC 2015/069 django-pyscss - pyScss support for Django PSARC 2015/073 barbicanclient - OpenStack client for Barbican (Key Management) PSARC 2015/074 pysendfile - Python interface to sendfile PSARC 2015/097 ldappool - a connection pool for python-ldap PSARC 2015/098 rfc3986 - URI reference validation module for Python PSARC 2015/102 iniparse - python .ini file parsing module 20667775 OpenStack service updates for Juno (Umbrella) 17511386 sqlalchemy-migrate should lose its bypass-gen tags once sqlalchemy is in the CBE 18293987 /usr/bin/alembic should be shipped 18293992 boto's demo scripts aren't delivered executable 18377642 py.test has a requirement on py 18615101 Horizon should prevent network, subnet, and port names with hyphens in them 18772068 instance failed to launch with NoValidHost but no reason 18887457 openstack shouldn't deliver .po files 18905324 hostname.xml should set config/ignore_dhcp_hostname = true 18961031 Duplicate names for role-create and user-create are allowed 19015363 Users should not be allowed to attempt to create volumes when quota exceed 19044301 boto's dependencies need work 19050335 user appears logged in but unauthorised after horizon reboot 19131218 solaris.css: 'Delete Interface' button in Router pop-up menu broken 19131507 solaris.css: 'Project Limits' section of Launch Instance pop-up menu broken 19144215 Instance manipulation buttons greyed out after all instances terminated 19249066 heat stack-preview doesn't appear to do anything 19313272 Need bottom slidebar in horizon for small browser windows 19439030 'nova migration-list' returns python error 19462265 The Python module oslo.messaging should be added to Userland 19462397 The Python module futures should be added to Userland 19476604 The Python module networkx should be added to Userland 19476953 The Python module taskflow should be added to Userland 19519227 The Python module pycadf should be added to Userland 19557488 The noVNC client should be added to Userland 19582394 The Python module posix_ipc should be added to Userland 19596691 instance failed to launch, cinder hit resource busy in stmfadm 19598430 The Python module oauthlib should be added to Userland 19649055 FC connection fails when the target_lun is assigned 0 19815780 nova package should have dependencies on brand-solaris and brand-solaris-kz 19883623 Image snapshots are missing 'instance_uuid' property 19887874 horizon should set up apache log rotation 19888859 six should enable its tests now. 19987962 Cinder lists additional volumes attached to instance with linuxy device names 20046570 rabbitmq & rad-evs-controller should be added to group package 20052466 remove _ai_health_check() from now that 18857274 is integrated 20164815 The Python module django-pyscss should be added to Userland 20173049 The Python module retrying should be added to Userland 20174489 The Python module WSME should be added to Userland 20176001 The Python module keystonemiddleware should be added to Userland 20182039 The Python module pysendfile should be added to Userland 20200162 The Python module pyScss should be added to Userland 20202461 Websockify is broken on SPARC because of unnecessary byte swapping 20202582 Solaris zones nova compute driver needs console access support 20222184 horizon doesn't send start request on shutdown instance 20312312 The Python module python-saharaclient should be added to Userland 20388250 problem in SERVICE/GLANCE 20433402 The fix for 20388250 is incomplete 20514287 wrong vnic label name used for dhcp vnic in evs 20596802 The Python module oslo.middleware should be added to Userland 20596803 The Python module barbicanclient should be added to Userland 20596804 The Python module oslo.context should be added to Userland 20596805 The Python module iniparse should be added to Userland 20596806 The Python module oslo.vmware should be added to Userland 20596807 The Python module osprofiler should be added to Userland 20596808 The Python module oslo.i18n should be added to Userland 20596809 The Python module oslo.utils should be added to Userland 20596811 The Python module ipaddr should be added to Userland 20596812 The Python module glance_store should be added to Userland 20596813 The Python module oslo.serialization should be added to Userland 20596814 The Python module oslo.db should be added to Userland 20596815 The Python module simplegeneric should be added to Userland 20602690 The Python module ldappool should be added to Userland 20602722 The Python module rfc3986 should be added to Userland 20638369 requires GNU msgfmt without calling gmsgfmt 20715741 cinder 2014.2.2 20715742 glance 2014.2.2 20715743 heat 2014.2.2 20715744 horizon 2014.2.2 20715745 keystone 2014.2.2 20715746 neutron 2014.2.2 20715747 nova 2014.2.2 20715748 swift 2.2.2 20715749 alembic 0.7.4 20715750 amqp 1.4.6 20715751 boto 2.34.0 20715752 ceilometerclient 1.0.12 20715753 cinderclient 1.1.1 20715754 cliff 1.9.0 20715756 django 1.4.19 20739229 Update django to 1.4.20 20715757 django_compressor 1.4 20715758 django_openstack_auth 1.1.9 20715759 eventlet 0.15.2 20715761 glanceclient 0.15.0 20715762 greenlet 0.4.5 20715763 heatclient 0.2.12 20715764 keystoneclient 1.0.0 20715765 kombu 3.0.7 20715766 mysql 1.2.5 20715767 netaddr 0.7.13 20715769 netifaces 0.10.4 20715770 neutronclient 2.3.10 20715771 novaclient 2.20.0 20715772 oslo.config 1.6.0 20715773 py 1.4.26 20715774 pyflakes 0.8.1 20715775 pytest 2.6.4 20715776 pytz 2014.10 20715777 requests 2.6.0 20715778 simplejson 3.6.5 20715779 six 1.9.0 20715780 sqlalchemy-migrate 0.9.1 20715781 sqlalchemy 0.9.8 20715782 stevedore 1.2.0 20715783 swiftclient 2.3.1 20715784 tox 1.8.1 20715785 troveclient 1.0.8 20715786 virtualenv 12.0.7 20715787 websockify 0.6.0 20739215 problem in PYTHON-MOD/DJANGO 20739295 problem in PYTHON-MOD/DJANGO 20816861 zone-vnc-console instance goes in to maintenance 20829672 support flat network type in neutron
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# Common Development and Distribution License (the "License").
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# You can obtain a copy of the license at usr/src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE
# or
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions
# and limitations under the License.
# When distributing Covered Code, include this CDDL HEADER in each
# file and include the License file at usr/src/OPENSOLARIS.LICENSE.
# If applicable, add the following below this CDDL HEADER, with the
# fields enclosed by brackets "[]" replaced with your own identifying
# information: Portions Copyright [yyyy] [name of copyright owner]

# Copyright (c) 2010, 2015, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

# One must do all unpack and patch in sequence.

UNPACK =	$(WS_TOOLS)/userland-unpack
FETCH =		$(WS_TOOLS)/userland-fetch


# In order to override PATCH_DIR and PATCH_PATTERN in component makefiles, they
# need to be conditionally set here.  This means that the override needs to
# happen prior to including  Otherwise other variables set here which
# are based on those will be expanded too early for the override to take
# effect.
# You also can't override PATCHES after including; if you want to
# append filenames to PATCHES, you'll have to set $(EXTRA_PATCHES) prior to
# inclusion.
PATCH_DIR ?=	patches

# we may need patches only for use with parfait
ifeq   ($(strip $(PARFAIT_BUILD)),yes)
PATCH_PATTERN ?=	*.patch
PATCHES =	$(shell find $(PATCH_DIR) $(PARFAIT_PATCH_DIR) -type f -name '$(PATCH_PATTERN)' \
				2>/dev/null | sort) $(EXTRA_PATCHES)

# Rule to perform the patching.
$(SOURCE_DIR)/.%ed:	$(PATCH_DIR)/%
	$(GPATCH) -d $(@D) $(GPATCH_FLAGS) < $<
	$(TOUCH) [email protected]

# Parfait patches rule: TODO - Integrate with other patch rules
ifeq   ($(strip $(PARFAIT_BUILD)),yes)
	$(GPATCH) -d $(@D) $(GPATCH_FLAGS) < $<
	$(TOUCH) [email protected]

# Template for download rules.
define download-rule
	$$(FETCH) --file [email protected] \
		$$(COMPONENT_ARCHIVE_URL$(1):%=--url %) \
		$$(COMPONENT_ARCHIVE_HASH$(1):%=--hash %)
	$$(TOUCH) [email protected]

# Template for patching rules, note that patching is actually done by the
# %.ed pattern rule above.
# To maintain backwards compatibility, the flag PATCH_EACH_ARCHIVE must
# be non-empty in order to activate individual archive patching.
define patch-rule
ifneq ($(strip $$(PATCH_EACH_ARCHIVE)),)
# Prepend the patch directory to each archive patch.
PATCHDIR_PATCHES$(1) += $$(foreach patch,$$(COMPONENT_PATCHES$(1)), \
# Substitute the patch dir for the source dir on the patches
ifeq   ($(strip $(PARFAIT_BUILD)),yes)
$$(SOURCE_DIR)/.patched$(1): $$(SOURCE_DIR)/.unpacked$(1) $$(STAMPS$(1))
	$$(TOUCH) [email protected]

# Template for unpacking rules.
define unpack-rule
$$(SOURCE_DIR)/.unpacked$(1): download Makefile $$(PATCHDIR_PATCHES$(1)) 
	$$(RM) -r $$(COMPONENT_SRC$(1))
	$$(UNPACK) $$(UNPACK_ARGS$(1)) \
	$$(TOUCH) [email protected]

# If an archive is defined, create a download, unpack and patch rule.
define archive-rule
ifneq ($(strip $$(COMPONENT_ARCHIVE$(1))),)
$(eval $(call download-rule,$(1)))
$(eval $(call unpack-rule,$(1)))
$(eval $(call patch-rule,$(1)))
ARCHIVE_STAMPS +=$$(SOURCE_DIR)/.patched$(1)

# Calculate the number of defined archives.
# Always generate at least the basic prep rules.
# Work out if there are any other archives to be downloaded and patched.
NUM_EXTRA_ARCHIVES ?= 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
$(eval $(call archive-rule,))
ifneq ($(strip $(PATCH_EACH_ARCHIVE)),)
$(foreach suffix,$(NUM_EXTRA_ARCHIVES), \
	$(eval $(call archive-rule,_$(suffix))))
# Backwards compatibility - only download, do not unpack or patch automatically
$(foreach suffix,$(NUM_EXTRA_ARCHIVES), \
	$(eval $(call download-rule,_$(suffix))))

	$(TOUCH) [email protected]

prep::	$(SOURCE_DIR)/.prep


	$(RM) -r $(CLEAN_PATHS)

clobber::	clean