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21602607 Need to move Firefox to 38.5.0 ESR branch to continue getting fixes 22757279 Update Thunderbird to version 38.5.0 22613259 thunderbird lightning extension is missing l10n after moved to userland 21133062 problem in TBIRD/MAILER
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# Copyright (c) 2010, 2016, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

# general locale
<transform dir link hardlink path=.*/locale$ -> default facet.locale true>

# add locale specific facets to using the the locale name encoded in
# the pathname.  We don't need the portion after the '@' or '.', only
# .../locale/{locale-name}[@.]*.
<transform dir file link hardlink \
    path=.*/locale/([^/@\.]+)(.+){0,1}(/.+){0,1}$ -> \
    default facet.locale.%<\1> true>

# thunderbird uses the locale format ab-CD instead of ab_CD, which is the 
# Solaris standard. Convert the locale facet to Solaris standard format. 
# pkgmogrify doesn't seem to support using a regular expression as the 
# "attribute" in a "attribute=value" matcher so we need to enumerate all 
# locales where this is a problem. 
<transform file facet.locale.en-US=true -> default facet.locale.en_US true>
<transform file facet.locale.en-US=true -> delete facet.locale.en-US .*>
<transform file -> default facet.locale.es_AR true>
<transform file -> delete .*>
<transform file -> default facet.locale.es_ES true>
<transform file -> delete .*>
<transform file facet.locale.nb-NO=true -> default facet.locale.nb_NO true>
<transform file facet.locale.nb-NO=true -> delete facet.locale.nb-NO .*>
<transform file facet.locale.nn-NO=true -> default facet.locale.nn_NO true>
<transform file facet.locale.nn-NO=true -> delete facet.locale.nn-NO .*>
<transform file -> default facet.locale.pt_BR true>
<transform file -> delete .*>
<transform file -> default facet.locale.pt_PT true>
<transform file -> delete .*>
<transform file -> default facet.locale.sv_SE true>
<transform file -> delete .*>
<transform file facet.locale.zh-CN=true -> default facet.locale.zh_CN true>
<transform file facet.locale.zh-TW=true -> delete facet.locale.zh-TW .*>

# unfacet the C locale
<transform dir file link hardlink \
    facet.locale.C=.+ -> delete facet.locale.C .+ >