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24797203 OpenStack RBAC profiles allow reading too many files 24797238 keystone RBAC and SMF should point at Apache log files 24797256 cinder RBAC and SMF should point at Apache log files 24830959 horizon RBAC and SMF should point at Apache log files
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SUBDIRS = components

download:	TARGET = download
unpack:		TARGET = unpack
patch:		TARGET = patch
prep:		TARGET = prep
build:		TARGET = build
install:	TARGET = install
publish:	TARGET = publish
validate:	TARGET = validate
clean:		TARGET = clean
clobber:	TARGET = clobber
setup:		TARGET = setup
test:		TARGET = test
system-test:	TARGET = system-test
component-hook:		TARGET = component-hook

.DEFAULT:	publish

download setup unpack patch prep build install publish validate clean clobber \
test system-test component-hook: $(SUBDIRS)

	@+echo "$(TARGET) [email protected]" ; $(MAKE) -C [email protected] $(TARGET)