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# Copyright (c) 2010, 2011, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

<transform dir path=etc$ -> default group sys>

# LP print service
<transform dir path=etc/lp/fd$ -> default owner root>
<transform dir path=etc/lp/fd$ -> default mode 0755>
<transform dir path=etc/lp(/.+){0,1}$ -> default owner lp>
<transform dir path=etc/lp(/.+){0,1}$ -> default group lp>
<transform dir path=etc/lp(/.+){0,1}$ -> default mode 0775>

<transform dir path=etc/skel$ -> default group sys>
<transform dir path=usr$ -> default group sys>
<transform dir path=usr/lib/pkgconfig$ -> default group other>
<transform dir path=usr/lib/.*/pkgconfig$ -> default group other>
<transform dir path=usr/share$ -> default group sys>
<transform dir path=usr/share/aclocal$ -> default group other>
<transform dir path=usr/share/doc$ -> default group other>
<transform dir path=usr/share/lib$ -> default group sys>

# Most directories and files under /etc/security are group sys
<transform dir path=etc/security$ -> default group sys>
<transform dir path=etc/security/exec_attr.d$ -> default group sys>
<transform file path=etc/security/exec_attr.d/.* -> default group sys>

# Many directories and files under /usr/share are group other
<transform dir path=usr/share/locale(/.+){0,2}$ -> default group other>
<transform file path=usr/share/locale(/.+){3}$ -> default group other>
<transform dir path=usr/share/applications$ -> default group other>
<transform file path=usr/share/applications/.* -> default group other>
<transform dir path=usr/share/pixmaps$ -> default group other>
<transform file path=usr/share/pixmaps/.* -> default group other>

<transform dir path=usr/gnu/share$ -> default group sys>

# programs & shared objects should generally have mode 0555
<transform file path=.*lib/.*\.so.* -> default mode 0555>
<transform file path=.*bin/.* -> default mode 0555>

# For what's left, go with root:bin 0444 for files, 0755 for directories
<transform dir file -> default owner root>
<transform dir file -> default group bin>
<transform file -> default mode 0444>
<transform dir -> default mode 0755>

# Defaults for legacy metadata for SVR4 package information
<transform legacy -> default vendor "OpenSolaris">
<transform legacy -> default hotline \
	"Please contact your local service provider">
<transform legacy -> default arch $(ARCH)>
<transform legacy -> default category "system">
# This is set to the final version number delivered as SVR4 format
<transform legacy -> default version "11.11.0,REV=2010.">